In the LifeChamps project, Salumedia Labs is leading the Work Package 5 End-User Applications and Clinical Decision Support. This work is ongoing between months 5 and 24, and includes five tasks that are:

  1. Quality of Life Monitoring and Modelling. This task is led by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and focusses on the development of endpoints for frailty assessment in older adults.
  2. Frailty Domain Knowledge Models. This task is led by Hospital La Fe, and the objective of this task is to use statistical analysis for identifying gradual changes in the functionality of older adults that can be used later in the daily practice of occupational therapists.
    The outcomes from these first two tasks (T5.1 and T5.2) will provide inputs to the analytical dashboard for healthcare professionals in task T5.4.
  3. Patient-Centered Recommendation Engine. This task is led by Salumedia Labs and in this task a data-driven health recommender system is involved to help patients develop healthier habits that will help them improve their quality of life and engage more with the mobile application that is developed later in task T5.5.
  4. LifeChamps Web-Based Analytical Dashboard for Healthcare Professionals. This task is led by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where a website (a dashboard) will be provided to healthcare professionals to present the patients’ progress.
  5. LifeChamps AI-based Interactive End User Application for Quality of Life Assessment. This task is led by Salumedia Labs and it focusses on a patient-centric mobile app for health self-monitoring that provides personalized recommendations to improve Quality of Life and clinical care service via symptom tracking and perceived care experience.

We are now about halfway through the project (in month 18), and what we have accomplished so far in Work Package 5 is to have the initial results from tasks 5.1 and 5.2. We have the initial document of Deliverable 5.1 on the Frailty phenotype expert model. The results were accomplished through several virtual workshops with clinicians, where we collected feedback from experts.

In task 5.3 Salumedia Labs has produced and released a first version of the taxonomy of frailty and Quality of Life determinants that will be embedded in the recommendation engine to personalize the interventions to patients and LifeChamps end-users through the mobile app. When the solution is adapted to the taxonomy, the recommender engine will be able to choose specific motivational messages to be delivered to specific users according to their profile and past interactions with the mobile app.

In task 5.4 the Polytechnic University of Valencia has worked in the design and development of the LifeChamps Dashboard for healthcare professionals.

In task 5.5 Salumedia Labs has been advancing on the development of the mHealth service for end-users. This mHealth service includes a mobile app for patients and caregivers with wearables integrated to monitor physical activity, heart rate, and sleep quality, among others.

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