On June 16th 2021, HULAFE, together with the AUTH team, held the 1st Expert Workshop on Frailty dimensions in the context of task 5.2 Frailty Domain Knowledge Models.  The purpose of this session and the following ones is to collect the relevant frailty parameters and frailty domains for the clinicians as well as the relationship between them, involving experts in the creation of a Fuzzy Cognitive Model.

For the first workshop, we contacted Sofia Levva (AUTH Medical Oncologist), Regina Gironés (HULAFE & SIOG Oncogeriatrician), Tania Kalsi (SIOG Geriatrician) and Petros Sountoulidis (AUTH Assistant Professor of Urology) and carried out three activities that guided us to the selection of 20 parameters and 10 domains of frailty.

In the first activity clinicians checked a literature-based set of domains and adapted them to the LifeChamps context.

The second activity consisted of the selection and ranking of a literature-based set of parameters. Using SLIDO tool, each clinician selected and ranked the most relevant parameters according to their preferences, and the first 25 most voted were classified for the next activity.

In the third activity, the 25 parameters were paired with the 10 domains, making the last final refinements to the parameters. A consensus was reached on the following distribution of the 10 domains and the 20 parameters:

Following, we are going to hold the 2nd Expert Workshop; the LifeChamps team will meet individually with some of the clinicians and get the relationship (weights) between all the concepts selected during the first workshop. A fuzzy cognitive model will be developed for each clinician, and with the combination of all of them, AUTH will develop a preliminary frailty fuzzy cognitive model that will be included in the Deliverable 5.1 Frailty phenotype expert model.

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