The major effort for APC in LifeChamps is in WP7 as a Pilot Use Case provider, for PUC2, and as task leader of T7.7; LifeChamps Health Economic Analysis and Economic Impact with D7.7 LifeChamps Cost-Effectiveness study. APC has contributed to the requirements and specifications of the PUC analysis of WP2 and will further support all other WPs with their clinical perspective and expertise from primary health care. APC has the possibility to consult clinical experts relevant to the project from all Region Stockholm. Also, at APC, the multidisciplinary team CaPrim (Cancer in Primary care) can support different tasks and assist the APC LifeChamps team in planning a real-life pilot with relevant metrics.

Current activities in the LifeChamps project from APC partner:

  • Contribution and review of D2.5 – End-user/stakeholder requirements – final version
  • Workshop with Stockholm teledermoscopy group/clinical expert team
  • Discussions with CaPrim, Drs. Marie Nilsson and Pia Hyllander Klernäs about collaborative activities with their respective projects (cancer contect nurse in primary health care and lymphedema assessment for cancer patients in primary and secondary health care, respectively)
  • Discussions of how to assess and implement effectively lymphedema metrics in LifeChamps. Received access to the validated lymphedema PROM LyQLI ©
  • Collaboration and discussions with MDS LifeChamps partner and the Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) about the evaluation of the newly published standard “Patient involvement in health care – Minimum requirements for person-centred care” SS-EN 17398:2020 within the LifeChamps project
  • Contributors to D3.3 planning and discussions, with a focus on the UV sensing solution for the APC pilot use case
  • Initial planning of T7.7 together with WP7 leader AUTH and all LifeChamps partners, regarding the intended LifeChamps intervention, included study variables, primary and secondary outcomes  to be assessed in the cost-effectiveness study of D7.7.
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