Medical Research Institute of Hospital La Fe (HULAFE) main role at LifeChamps revolves around the clinical pilots that will be carried out in the project. Thus, HULAFE’s efforts are mainly focused on WP2 (Requirements Analysis, Pilot Use Cases and Functional Architecture), WP5 (End-User Applications and Clinical Decision Support) and WP7 (Pilots Specification, Demonstration and Evaluation).

The most important progress in WP2 was the launching of deliverable D2.1 ‘Vision scenarios and use cases definition’. In this deliverable, the results of task 2.1 were presented. An initial definition of pilot use cases was done by organising interactive workshops/ surveys with healthcare professionals in the clinical partner sites: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Academic Primary Health Care Centre (APC), University of Glasgow (UofG) and of course, La Fe University Hospital (HULAFE). HULAFE also gave support in the design of surveys and their launch in the context of Co-Creation with End-Users/ Stakeholders and participated in the Identification of person outcome metrics.

In the context of WP5, HULAFE leads Task 5.2 Models of knowledge of the domain of frailty; a brief review of the literature has been carried out to obtain a list of concepts related to frailty as a starting point for conducting a survey to health professional experts on the subject. With the result of this survey, the Fuzzy Cognitive Model will be developed to help clinicians to classify patients according to their level of frailty and will be included in deliverable D5.1 ‘Frailty phenotype expert model’. HULAFE will also collaborate testing the LifeChamps Analytical Dashboard and APP for Healthcare Professionals and patients that will take place over the next few months. In this Dashboard you will find the Quality of Life and Frailty models developed in previous tasks.

Regarding WP7, the planning of the small test pilots to be carried out in the different hospitals participating in the project has begun. These small pilots will collect data from sensors and initiate an iteration to assess the usability of the LifeChamps platform as a whole. This and the future agenda of an implementation plan for each pilot site (including ethical requirements) will be included in the deliverable D7.2 ‘Roll-out agenda’, framed in Task 7.2: Patient Recruitment and Deployment of LifeChamps Platform that leads HULAFE.

HULAFE also participate to a lesser extent in other work packages (WP3, WP4, WP6) transferring the clinical point of view for the development of the LifeChamps platform. Last but not least, HULAFE participates in the WP8 providing our contribution in relation to dissemination and standardization activities.

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