Inspired by the EC Mission Board for Cancer’s recommendation for the “establishment of Oncology-focused Living Labs to conquer cancer, through the acceleration of social innovation and the exploitation of new technologies”, LifeChamps H2020 held a successful Debate Session on the 8th of September in the framework of this year’s Digital Living Lab Days (DLLD21) by ENoLL (the European Network of Living Labs). The session was organized and conducted by AUTH partner, with the support of ECPC and SIOG (Dr Nicolò Matteo Luca Battisti- LifeChamps Advisory Board Member), aspiring to open the discussion among high-level policymakers, in-field cancer experts and Living Labbers to envision the future Oncology-focused Living Labs.

The session was split in two parts: in the first half, policymakers and experts shared their previous experiences in working with stakeholders and meeting their needs & requirements, as well as views, and/or concerns about LLs as drivers for the real-life testing/research in the field of cancer, health & wellbeing. In the second half, based on the reflections of the round table discussion with experts, Living Labbers co-designed the “Oncology-focused Living Lab” in short ideation rounds (quick brainstorming), based on pre-defined pillars (stakeholders, infrastructures, methods/tools, types of piloting/testing, benefits/risks). The main reflections of the session concluded to some important, very first outcomes on the need for established oncology-focused LLs, leading to a kind of a “Manifesto”, which will feed a new round of discussions with the support of the ENoLL community in the coming period.

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