The LifeChamps partner Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is represented in the consortium by the SABIEN research group. UPV-SABIEN leads the design of the LifeChamps Platform and reference architecture.

The LifeChamps architecture comprises the three main components, the LifeChamps dashboard, the LifeChamps platform and the End User Application for QoL Assessment. The LifeChamps Platform receives the patients’ data from three entities (patients, caregivers and professionals). This information goes to the dashboard enabling healthcare professionals to obtain information on the progress and evolution of their patients and the End User Application for QOL Assessment that, in turn, provides personalised recommendations to patients, caregivers and health professionals.

The reference LifeChamps architecture has been designed at a different level, from high to low level and from logical to physical views, and support an integrated approach, ensuring that all pieces fit together. Following the “4+1 architecture view model”, SABIEN have composed, together with the rest of the consortium, the initial version of the LifeChamps architecture, covering the logical and processes perspectives of the model.

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